If you have pond problems…
you need a Nest!

An Earth-Friendly Boost for Bacteria

Activate a vigorous beneficial bacteria population in your pond by adding BioBoost Nest. These compact subsurface units are ideal for bacteria to rapidly inhabit, multiply and thrive.

Harness the Natural Power of Bacteria

Healthy beneficial bacteria circulates in the water and devours excess nutrients. The more bacteria, the more nutrients consumed.

“Within a few weeks, I saw positive change, and within a few months, the results were dramatic.”

Arron McCurdy, Superintendent,
Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, IL

Improve Water Quality

As the bacteria consumes nutrients, it starves algae of its food source and breaks down organic matter, resulting in:

  • Reduced algae
  • Lessened odor
  • Increased clarity

Your Pond Needs a Nest

When combined with aeration and microbial inoculation, a Nest helps create a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Before Nest Installation

Three Months Later

Available With or Without Aeration

Enhances Existing Inoculation Programs

Scientifically Tested and Proven

Give Your Bacteria a Happy Home

Our Nests’ patented media is specifically designed to power up bacterial growth:

  • hundreds of square feet of surface area for colonization
  • fine nooks and crannies for development
  • an enclaved structure for protection

The earth-friendly solution for a healthy pond


BioBoost Nest