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Treat algae and other water issues, naturally. Our bioremediation units will change the way you clean your ponds.

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Why Does My Pond Need a Nest?

If your pond is a constant headache, you need more than bubbles.

Aeration is often not enough to treat pond issues and prevent them from coming back. The one-two punch of oxygenation and bacterial power will remediate most stubborn pond problems.

How Does BioBoost Nest Work?

Nests are placed in your pond to give beneficial bacteria a place to grow into a natural, algae-hungry force.

These subsurface matrixes provide the perfect place for bacteria to call home. As bacterial colonies develop, they gobble up the nutrients that cause most pond problems.

When you use bacteria to combat algae, you can minimize or even eliminate the need for chemicals.

Nests are available with or without built-in aeration. We pair seamlessly with your existing aeration or offer you an integrated solution.

Avoid the Vicious Cycle

Chemical treatments offer a tempting “quick fix,” but they often result in rebound algae outbreaks and more bottom sludge.
Instead, bacteria will starve algae over the course of days and weeks. The algae disappears without destabilizing the pond’s ecosystem.

Water stays safe for people, pets, wildlife and fish.

It’s Mother Nature’s secret trick!

“I have been using BioBoost Nest for six years now and I could not be happier. It is responsible for preventing outbreaks of microcystic algae as well as fish kills and foul odors.”

Gerry Tarsitano, Director of Agronomy and Grounds, Hideaway Golf Club, La Quinta, California

What Results Will I See?

In a matter of just a few weeks, a thick coating of “gunk” develops on your submerged Nest. This is known as biofilm, and consists of robust bacterial colonies. The beneficial bacteria feeds on the nutrients in your water that cause pond problems.

BioBoost Nest and proper bioremediation with aeration and inoculation will treat:

  • pond algae
  • pond odor
  • water murkiness
  • fish kills
  • sludge buildup
  • aquatic weeds
BioBoost Nest biofilm growth

Biofilm growth on a submersed BioBoost Nest

Matt Shaffer on BioBoost Nest

Matt Shaffer, formerly of Merion Golf Club, Pennsylvania, and now our Brand Ambassador:

“It’s a widget for your water. BioBoost Nest is a simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Just drop it in your pond, add some bacteria, and you’re done.”

The Preventative Solution

Why wait for pond problems when you can prevent them? Humanmade ponds frequently experience high nutrient loads, lots of heat and light exposure, and little water exchange. It’s a recipe for algae, odor and murkiness.

Don’t give algae a chance! If you’re planning a pond, make BioBoost Nest part of your initial build.

BioBoost Nest Installation in Coachella Valley, California

What Exactly Is a Nest?

A Nest is a structure of patented PVC media, the same that is used in industrial wastewater treatment, but scaled for recreational ponds. Nests are scientifically proven to recruit and optimize biofilm containing denitrifying bacteria.

In the wild, biofilm thrives in small recesses with moderated light and flow of water. Think of a gravelly riverbed or a coral reef.

A black rectangular box made of BioBoost Nest’s patented cross-corrugated media sitting on four angled legs.
A black rectangular box made of BioBoost Nest’s patented cross-corrugated media sitting on four angled legs.

Our media mimics these natural environments:

  • Corrugated material provides fine nooks and crannies where bacteria flourishes
  • Dense design increases surface area available for bacterial development
  • Enclaved structure protects bacteria from excessive light and flushing events

Watch how BioBoost Nest clears up ponds:

Changing the way we clean water, one pond at a time

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