If you have pond problems,
you need a Nest!

An Earth-Friendly Boost for Bacteria

Harness the natural algae-fighting power of beneficial bacteria with a BioBoost Nest. These compact subsurface units are ideally designed to develop a dynamic biofilm for healthier water.

Bacteria Makes Water Better

Bacteria circulates in water, often without a place to call home. But when beneficial bacteria encounters a Nest, it rapidly multiplies and develops into a nutrient-hungry force.

As the bacteria devours excess nutrients in the water body, it depletes algae’s food source.

“Within a few weeks, I saw positive change, and within a few months, the results were dramatic.”

Arron McCurdy, Former Superintendent,
Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, IL

Before Nest Installation

After Nest Installation

Matt Shaffer on BioBoost Nest

Matt Shaffer, formerly of Merion Golf Club, PA, and now our Brand Ambassador:

“It’s a widget for your water. BioBoost Nest is a simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Just drop it in your pond, add some bacteria, and you’re done.”

Your Pond Needs a Nest

BioBoost Nest, combined with aeration and microbial inoculation, is a long-term, sustainable tool resulting in:

  • Reduced algae
  • Lessened odor
  • Increased clarity

Available with or without aeration

Biofilm growth on a BioBoost Nest.
Photos taken at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, Jupiter, FL

Bacteria Loves BioBoost Nest

Our Nests’ patented media is specifically designed to power up bacterial growth:

  • hundreds of square feet of surface area for mass colonization
  • fine nooks and crannies for optimal development
  • an enclaved structure for flushing protection

Put a BioBoost Nest to Work for Your Water


BioBoost Nest is a chemical-free solution for a healthy aquatic ecosystem.