If you have pond problems,
you need a Nest!

An Earth-Friendly Boost for Bacteria

Harness the natural algae-fighting power of beneficial bacteria with a BioBoost Nest. These compact subsurface units are ideally designed to develop a dynamic biofilm for healthier water.

Bacteria Makes Water Better

Bacteria circulates in water, often without a place to call home. But when beneficial bacteria encounters a Nest, it rapidly multiplies and develops into a nutrient-hungry force.

As the bacteria devours excess nutrients in the water body, it depletes algae’s food source.

“Within a few weeks, I saw positive change, and within a few months, the results were dramatic.”

Arron McCurdy, Superintendent,
Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, IL

Before Nest Installation

After Nest Installation

Part of an Earth-Friendly Aquatic Ecosystem

Nests are perfect if you’re looking for a non-chemical approach to maintaining healthy water. While there are times when chemical applications are unavoidable, a long-term approach of reducing nutrients offers more pond stability, lower maintenance costs and a safer aquatic environment.

  • Durable, inert material with no leaching
  • Non-clogging and maintenance-free
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Non-reliant on chemical treatments
  • Safe for children, pets, fish and wildlife

Biofilm growth on a BioBoost Nest.
Photos taken at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, Jupiter, FL

Why Does My Pond Need a Nest?

If your pond is struggling with algae growth, invasive weeds, foul odor, fish deaths and murky water, you might have a nutrient problem.

You can fight nutrient overload by powering up your beneficial bacteria, which consumes these nutrients.


Beneficial bacteria needs the right kind of material to colonize and multiply itself. And bacteria loves to colonize in a BioBoost Nest, where it creates a thick coating of “gunk”, known as biofilm.

A black rectangular box made of BioBoost Nest’s patented cross-corrugated media sitting on four angled legs.

What Exactly Is a Nest?

A Nest is a durable, subsurface structure of patented media, available with or without built-in aeration. Each Nest is crafted of cross-fluted channels full of fine nooks and crannies. The structures provide:

  • Ideal environments for bacterial colonization
  • Massive surface area for high bacterial population count
  • Enclaved shelter for protection from flushing events
  • Refuge and feeding grounds for young fish fry

Matt Shaffer on BioBoost Nest

Matt Shaffer, formerly of Merion Golf Club, PA, and now our Brand Ambassador:

“It’s a widget for your water. BioBoost Nest is a simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Just drop it in your pond, add some bacteria, and you’re done.”

Put a BioBoost Nest to Work for Your Water