The Earth-Friendly Way to Clean Ponds

BioBoost Nest is a proven part of an earth-friendly, long-term approach for pond problems without the use of chemicals. Nests address the underlying cause of algae, foul odor, weeds and murky water, while keeping ponds safe for people, pets, fish and wildlife.

Get to the Root

The underlying cause of most pond problems is a nutrient overload. Nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrogen, accumulate in pond water through decaying organic matter from fertilizer runoff and soil erosion as well as dying plants and fish. Nutrients serve as food for the algae and nuisance weeds that can turn water into a cloudy green mess. Too many nutrients means trouble for your water.

Beneficial bacteria—“good” bacteria that occurs naturally and is not harmful to humans or animals—consumes these nutrients, resulting in less food for algae and other undesirable organisms to feed on. The more bacteria, the fewer nutrients.

A BioBoost Nest provides a place for beneficial bacteria to grow into a nutrient-hungry force that results in clearer water, naturally.

Quick Fix Chemicals Don’t Work

While there are times when a responsible application of chemicals is unavoidable, a short-term “quick fix” chemical approach to water health results in long-term problems.

These chemicals can be toxic to the aquatic ecosystem and to the people and animals that visit it. The applications can be expensive and provide only temporary results. They can create a vicious cycle of chemical dependency, where one treatment leads to pond instability that calls for additional chemical intervention and on it goes.

Chemicals don’t treat the underlying problem. Algae, odor and other water troubles are symptoms of a nutrient overload in the pond and require a plan to permanently reduce these nutrients. That’s where beneficial bacteria comes in.

Green Initiatives Can Rely on Nests

Can you still ensure a beautiful pond without toxic chemicals?


Our approach, known as bioremediation, leverages the natural power of beneficial bacteria. Bioremediation is a long-term, sustainable method widely used in industrial wastewater treatment. We have scaled the same technology for recreational ponds to effectively reduce and prevent algae, odor, weeds, murky water, sludge and fish kills. We recommend a combination approach including aeration, microbial inoculation and BioBoost Nest bacterial habitats.

What Do Nests Do?

A Nest is a durable, inert structure that is left underwater for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Its patented media is made of fine nooks and crannies that foster the rapid development of biofilm—a coating of “gunk” that is made of microscopic beneficial bacteria hungry for nutrients in the water body. Nests also provide an environment just right for young fish fry and other small organisms critical to the food chain. The Nests serve as shelter and feeding grounds for the fry, helping water bodies self-sustain aquatic life.

Changing the way we clean water, one pond at a time

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