An entire aeration solution for overall healthier pond water

The original BioBoost system is designed for customers with no existing aeration.

BioBoost is the original system we created with our patented media. The BioBoost technology, found in all our family of products, gives you four major performance benefits:

Beneficial Bacteria Habitat

Our structures provide compounded surface area and protected enclaves for bacteria to nest, proliferate and enhance the water column.

Dynamic Biofilm

Our technology encourages the development of a healthy biofilm by attracting desirable strains of ammonia-targeting microorganisms and scouring excess growth for peak performance.

Enhanced Aerobic Effect

Our cross-fluted media diverts air and water over an impressive amount of surface area to create finer bubbles that interact with the water column more effectively, reducing stratification.

Enriched Pond Ecosystem

Our units enrich the aquatic ecosystem by enhancing oxygenation and serving as spawning ground, food supplier and place of refuge for fish.


The BioBoost system is comprised of our proprietary media PLUS embedded oblong diffusers, all built for superior performance and life span. Rising bubbles from the diffusers are effectively captured by the media’s cross-fluted channels. They are then forced through an unprecedented amount of surface area and mixing points within the media. This creates finer bubbles that stay in contact longer with the water column.

BioBoost’s proprietary media also provides an ideal nest for algae-fighting microbes to proliferate. This vigorous population of biofilm consumes organic waste and naturally reduces algae. By residing in the media, the beneficial bacteria maintains optimal health and is protected from being washed away.

One unit. Four powerful benefits.
No separate aerator required.
BioBoost Original—the total aeration solution.

Structure and Specifications

Our innovative design, manufacturing standards and product testing yield a field-proven system of the highest quality, recognized throughout the US for its superior performance and long-lasting life span.

BioBoost/BioBoost-ER media is engineered from thermoformed structured PVC sheets that are solvent bonded using our dedicated glue joints to create rigid, self-supporting media modules. The bonding points ensure accurate assembly for maximum module strength and underwater durability.

Available in three sizes to accommodate water depths starting at 2.5 feet.

BioBoost Small: 2’ x 1’ x 1’

BioBoost Medium: 3’ x 1.5’ x 2’

BioBoost Large: 4’ x 2’ x 2’

(L x W x H)