Bioremediation for Naturally Healthy Ponds

Get rid of algae and other pond issues with the bioremediation approach that’s safe for people, pets, fish and wildlife. Bioremediation uses the natural power of beneficial bacteria to keep ponds clean, without relying on repeated chemical applications.

BioBoost Nest installation at Glen Lake Farms, Versailles, Kentucky

What Is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation leverages the properties of beneficial bacteria to remove pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus from pond water. It is widely used in industrial wastewater management and effectively treats pond algae, odor, aquatic weeds, fish kills and clarity issues.

Bioremediation is an earth-friendly pond maintenance plan that reduces or even eliminates the need for chemical applications.

How Does Bioremediation Work?

Bioremediation treats the root of most pond issues: excess nutrients. Nutrients in your pond, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, come from decomposing organic material such as:

  • fertilizer and road runoff
  • grass clippings
  • fallen leaves and branches
  • decaying aquatic plants
  • fish waste

Nutrients are the food source for algae, which will rapidly reproduce and take over a pond. Excess nutrients also lead to murkiness, smells, fish kills and weeds.

Beneficial bacteria consumes nutrients too, meaning it competes with algae for the same food source. The bioremediation approach boosts the population of bacteria in your pond in order to naturally starve out algae and prevent it from coming back.

Controlling nutrient levels through bacteria is Mother Nature’s secret trick!

Benefits of Bioremediation

If you manage ponds, bioremediation will help you:

  • Reduce expenses: Fewer chemical and manual interventions will save you money
  • Save time: Our technology requires minimal ongoing labor
  • Lessen environmental impact: Reducing the use of chemicals means healthier ecosystems
  • Protect the health of people and animals: Our technology is safe for people, pets, fish and wildlife
  • Improve public image: Your community will love a natural approach that creates beautiful results
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements: Meet compliance mandates for responsible environmental stewardship

How Do I Start?

While some bacteria is naturally occurring, humanmade ponds often need help. You want to create a bacterially dominant environment in your pond. Bioremediation nurtures the ongoing power of beneficial bacteria in your pond through aeration, bacterial habitat and microbial inoculation.


Aerating your water introduces dissolved oxygen, which fast-acting aerobic (oxygen-using) bacteria needs to consume nutrients. We offer Nests with built-in aeration for a turn-key solution, or Nests without aeration to fit seamlessly with your existing diffusers.

Bacterial Habitat:

Our subsurface units boost the development of beneficial bacteria. Free-floating bacteria simply does not have the same remediating power as a regenerative colony. It’s the same patented technology used in wastewater plants, scaled for recreational ponds.

Microbial Inoculation:

Regular microbial inoculation introduces fresh bacteria to your pond to keep the population varied and vigorous. We can recommend trusted suppliers of aquatic bacteria who will determine an inoculation plan for your ponds.

Does It Really Work without Chemicals?

Yes! The experience of our customers—and industrial wastewater treatment plants around the world—shows that when bioremediation is properly implemented, the need for chemicals is significantly reduced or eliminated.

In fact, relying on chemical applications can create rebound pond problems. When you treat algae and weeds with chemicals, you cause an immediate die-off. The dying organic material rapidly spikes your nutrient levels, which then triggers—you guessed it—an algae bloom. It’s a merry-go-round that makes your pond a constant headache.

When Should I Start Bioremediation?

You don’t have to wait for pond problems to arise to set up your bioremediation strategy! Bioremediation is a preventative alternative to quick-fix interventions.

In fact, we have customers who install BioBoost Nests in their ponds before they introduce any water. It is far easier to control your nutrient levels from the start rather than treat a pond that has been improperly managed.

BioBoost Nest Installation in Coachella Valley, California

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