Distributors – We Want to Work With You

For companies involved in the water remediation industry, we want to talk to you about a new revenue opportunity.

You may already know the BioBoost name. You may think we are a water aeration company. You may even think we are a competitor to the standard diffusers you prefer to work with.

In fact, our product is a subsurface bacterial nesting site. Its ability to optimize microbial growth is what makes it unique in the market. BioBoost Nest works in conjunction with other aquatic treatments you may provide, including aeration and bio-augmentation products. We do not replace these tools, we augment them.

We now actively partner with distributors in the water remediation industry. BioBoost Nest integrates with your existing diffuser inventory and specialty. Nests are available with or without built-in aeration, and for a variety of pond sizes and conditions so you can best customize a solution for what your clients have and need.

In short, BioBoost Nest fits with the products you may already sell and creates a new revenue opportunity for you. We have a separate wholesale pricing structure just for distributors and we give financial incentives for revenue milestones.

If you want to provide your customers with more water remediation solutions, we want to work with you.

Call or email us—we’re excited to hear from you.

The earth-friendly solution for a healthy pond

BioBoost Nest