How to Assemble Your Nest

Large without Aeration


You will find in your packaged box:

  • 1x BioBoost Nest media (4′ x 4′ x 2′)
  • 4x weighted legs
  • 1x round float

Not Included:

You will find in your packaged box:

  • Length of rope for lowering Nest into pond and attaching to float

Step 1

Remove all components from box.

Step 2

Place the Nest media with the longest side horizontal on the ground or flat surface (shown).

Step 3

Insert one weighted leg into one angled channel opening near one corner of the underside plane.

Step 4

Repeat with the remaining three weighted legs.

Step 5

Turn the Nest right side up so it is now standing on the four legs (shown). Press down briefly at each corner of the media to secure legs.

Step 6

Use a rope of sufficient length for your pond depth to lower the Nest into the water.

Step 7

Tie the float to rope to help you locate the submerged Nest.

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