Pond Health

Bacteria Loves BioBoost Nest

Bacteria Makes Water Better

A dynamic population of beneficial bacteria acts to break down and remove organic waste matter while controlling nutrients.

Naturally Improved Water

When you add a BioBoost Nest you provide biological growth structures that stimulate and support the natural cleanup process.

Nests work in conjunction with other environmentally friendly aquatic treatment tools such as aeration and natural bio-augmentation products.

The result is a more effective treatment effort for improved water quality and a healthier aquatic ecosystem, without the use of chemicals.

Give Your Bacteria a Boost

Patented cross corrugated material with fine nooks and crannies is ideal for microbes to colonize and be protected from flushing events.

Hundreds of square feet for biofilm to grow on results in optimized microbial power to combat water quality issues.

This media design promotes continuous mixing and even distribution of water, air and biofilm.

The earth-friendly solution for a healthy pond


BioBoost Nest