Pond Health

The Elements of Beautiful Water

Why do ponds have problems?

Ponds can be stunning outdoor features…or swampy messes. Excess nutrient load is a key factor in problematic ponds. Nutrients commonly rise due to decaying organic matter from fish and wildlife, dying plants, fertilizer runoff and other sources. These nutrients provide the perfect food source for algae. Algae in different forms can take over an entire pond, causing poor water clarity, foul odor and unsightly appearance.
Pond before BioBoost Nest installation

Beautiful bacteria

Beneficial bacteria is Nature’s secret weapon against the buildup of excess nutrients. When robust beneficial bacteria is present in the water, it consumes these nutrients and competes with algae. The microbes essentially starve out algae, reducing its appearance or preventing it from growing in the first place.

Pond after BioBoost Nest installation

Three tools for pond health

If you’re already inoculating and aerating, add a Nest to power up your beneficial bacteria.


The key is a vigorous microbial population. You can acquire inoculations of beneficial bacteria for your pond to kickstart the process and to maintain a healthy pond.


Subsurface diffusers contribute to pond health by aiding in the breakdown of organic matter. Aeration provides oxygen which beneficial bacteria uses in the process of consuming nutrients. BioBoost Nests are available both with or without aeration built in, so you can get just what you need without duplicating equipment you already have installed.

BioBoost Nests

Beneficial bacteria can dwindle away without the right conditions for it to colonize and multiply. That’s where a BioBoost Nest comes in. Each subsurface nesting site is ideally designed to foster rapid microbial growth, and create a nutrient-hungry force of beneficial bacteria to combat algae.

Put a BioBoost Nest to Work for Your Water


BioBoost Nest is a chemical-free solution for a healthy aquatic ecosystem.