The Water Tells a Clear Story

“The difference in our pond once BioBoost Nest was installed is dramatic! Great clarity and most important a significant reduction of algae. We no longer have to employ people to rake the algae out of the pond which provides significant cost savings.”

Ana de Varona, Former Procurement Director
Village of Key Biscayne

“When we learned about the recently launched BioBoost Nest, we decided to test it on our Nicklaus Private Course. We chose this particular location because it was a larger lake that had been re-sculpted into two identical water bodies. It was an ideal site for a test pond and control pond, one using BioBoost Nest, the other a standard aerator.

The conditions of the two ponds at the start were identical, sharing limited clarity, algae buildup and light odor. Within three weeks, the BioBoost Nest pond began to show improvements when compared to the control pond, eliminating odor, improving clarity and diminishing the algae. Standing at the pond’s edge, the differences were significant. Examining both ponds after 12 weeks, it was clear the BioBoost Nest had resulted in significantly better water quality. As well, the control pond had much heavier vegetative growth, with none evident in the BioBoost Nest pond.”

Jon Maddern, Former Director of Agronomy
PGA West

“I have been using BioBoost Nest for six months now and I could not be happier with BioBoost Nest’s aeration system. BioBoost Nest is responsible for preventing outbreaks of microcystic algae, as well as fish kills and foul odors, which we have experienced in the past, especially during the hot summer months.”

Gerry Tarsitano, Superintendent
Hideaway Golf Club

“We replaced water diffusers with BioBoost Nest in the spring in preparation for the buildup of organics and summer heat, hoping to get the water as healthy as possible before the hottest weather commenced. Within a month there was a distinct difference in the pond…the algae was gone, the water clarity improved, and most importantly BioBoost Nest prevented the reoccurrence of foul odor throughout the entire hot summer. This is the first year I can remember not receiving one complaint from our membership and homeowners about the disturbing smell, since there was none! I consider this a home run!”

Nick Affre, Former Superintendent
Del Mar Country Club

“One of the first things we saw was the clarity of the water improved very quickly, it was unbelievable. We haven’t put a chemical into the lake in 8-9 years now. Ever since we put biologicals in, it’s just been amazing. The lakes at the beach were built in 1969. The much layer on the bottom of those was unbelievable. Where we have those BioBoost Nests, you’re now starting to see sand at the bottom and starting to see all the way down. We’ve had to pull the BioBoost Nest out before to put a hose or something back on and you could see the amount of bacteria on it.”

Greg Pheneger, Former Director of Golf Course Maintenance
John’s Island Club

“We’re very happy with our BioBoost Nest system. The quality of our water has improved dramatically and has stayed consistently excellent since the install of the system.”

Brendan Parkhurst, Superintendent
Cape Arundel Golf Club

“Metedeconk National Golf Club had a persistent problem in one of our ponds, having a high iron concentration, which caused the water to have orange color throughout, with poor clarity and quality. Traditional rubber membrane diffusers had been deployed for years, but never successfully attacked the problem.

Upon learning about BioBoost Nest, I decided to bring the technology in and see what impact, if any, it could make on cleaning up this pond. Within a few weeks, I saw positive change, and within a few months, the results were dramatic, and noticed by many people who had commented for years about the pond’s nasty appearance. The rust has been almost entirely eradicated and the water has unbelievable clarity.

The support from BioBoost Nest has been available at all times and I intend to increase my use of BioBoost Nest throughout other ponds at Metedeconk.”

Arron McCurdy, Superintendent
Metedeconk National Golf Club

Put a BioBoost Nest to Work for Your Water


BioBoost Nest is a chemical-free solution for a healthy aquatic ecosystem.