How to Assemble Your Nest

Small with Aeration


You will find in your packaged box:

  • 1x BioBoost Nest media (2’ x 1’ x 1’)
  • 4x weighted legs
  • 1x 10” diffuser tube
  • 1x elbow
  • 1x round float

Not Included:

You will find in your packaged box:

  • Weighted rubber tubing and compressor
  • Length of rope for lowering Nest into pond and attaching to float

Step 1

Remove all components from box.

Step 2

Place the Nest media with the longest side horizontal on the ground or flat surface and the center hole near the top (shown). You should now have the underside plane of the Nest facing upward.

Step 3

Insert one weighted leg into one angled channel opening near one corner of the underside plane.

Step 4

Repeat with the remaining three weighted legs.

Step 5

Turn the Nest right side up so it is now standing on the four legs (shown) with the center hole near the bottom. Press down briefly at each corner of the media to secure legs.

Step 6

Remove the 10” diffuser tube and white valve from small box. Twist the valve securely to the threaded end of diffuser.

Step 7

Insert the diffuser tube, flat side first, into the center hole until just the valve is projecting outside of the Nest media (shown). The valve will attach to the weighted rubber tubing from your air compressor (not included).

Step 8

Use a rope of sufficient length for your pond depth to lower the Nest into the water.

Step 9

Tie the float to rope to help you locate the submerged Nest.

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