Making BioBoost Nest Work for You

BioBoost Nest is a proven tool in reducing pond algae, odor and murkiness. It’s designed to be effective in your water for a lifetime. However, optimal performance is dependent on following a full water remediation strategy. If you’re not implementing the full protocol, you aren’t getting the most from your Nest!

Healthy pond water requires a robust, multi-strain population of beneficial bacteria to attack nutrient load.

There are three tools that help create a bacteria-dominant water body:

  • Subsurface bacterial nesting sites to develop a nutrient-hungry bacterial force
  • Microbial inoculation to ensure a multi-strain bacterial presence
  • Aeration to introduce dissolved oxygen for aerobic bacteria to use
Infographic of three blocks of text with the words Inoculation, Aeration and BioBoost Nest interlocking to form a triangle.

Before you decide your water treatments aren’t working, check that you have implemented the full strategy. Do you have the recommended aeration, sufficient inoculations, and enough Nests for your pond? We can help you with this assessment.

BioBoost Nest is a powerful tool in attaining healthy pond water. You will see best results by providing the full bacterial support strategy.

Note that every pond’s environment and condition are unique and will need a different treatment plan. And results won’t happen overnight. It may have taken years for your pond problems to develop. It will take some time for them to clear up. Be persistent, be proactive, and even your most troublesome ponds will get better.

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